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Friday, 26 February 2010

Darkest Moments.

When the head and the heart speaks, there is no peace within.. only suppressed emotions.

This is my struggle.

This is my silence.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

A Piece Of My Mind.

Sometimes i already know the answer. But i just want to ask, then complain because i know what im hoping for will never happen. And i just cant take that for an answer.

Maybe its just me to be grumpy.

Maybe im not complacent enough.

Maybe i dont know what i want.

Maybe im too big of a dreamer.

Or maybe im wrong to hope for the impossible.

Haiyaa.. So many maybe. Which one??!!

:( :( :(

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Party Our Way. The Lancome Way.


Jeraldine & Nat

The bunch.

Post dancing photo. That was good exercise. Sweat it out!

Met Muthu and Leon @ Phuture.
This is Jeraldine & Leon:)

Jeraldine & Muthu.

Nat doing her thing.

Sorry my face damn chui but i had to share this photo!!

Gotta love sharing the podium with this glittery sex bomb. Was pretty afraid of her/him at first cause she's really tall and big. But after seeing her shake that bootie, hell yeah.. join in!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

@ 4.10am

Im supposed to wake up for school in less that 2 and a half hours cause the effing exams starts at 8.30am. WTF. 8.30am???? I haven't been able to reach school at 8.30am for almost 99% of my entire freakin poly life. FUCK YOU RP. Why cant you just make it a tad later like 10am or what? FML.

Furthermore there's 2 papers later ( literally ) but im only prepared for one:( So screwed.

Srsly couldn't keep my mind on the revision. I got so distracted with snacks, TV, blogs and online shopping!

Bought 3 dresses in the wee hours just now. Must have been exams stress. Im going bonkers. Impulse purchases!!!!!

Aight i think i should hit the sacks. ( supposed to do that hours ago ) NIGHTS. All the best to meee.